FLURISA Membership Drive and Renewal: 2017

FLURISA Membership,

First of all, thank you very much for your support of FLURISA during the 2016/17 year.  It is that time of year where we once again ask for your continued support.  The annual membership renewal runs from July 1st to June 30th, 2018. We want everyone to have the opportunity to renew their membership without missing out on any of the eFLURISA content including the NEW online GIS courses we added to your benefits earlier this year!  Membership dues will once again be $25. To renew your membership, please click here.

We are excited to announce that we have a full slate of free eFLURISA webinars highlighting the latest in GIS technology, applications, and solutions already lined up for the coming months. In addition, we will continue to sponsor happy hours, social events, and conferences in your region utilizing the proceeds of your membership and our corporate sponsors fees that make the sponsorships possible.

Benefits of FLURISA Membership:

  • Frequent Training Opportunities - FLURISA members will have free access to webinars (targeted monthly) of various GIS (i.e. Asset Management, Strategic Planning, Mobile Solutions, Cloud Computing, etc.) content as well as regional conference workshops and specific training sessions.
  • Free access to an Annual eCourse Subscription that includes 25+ self paced online GIS courses. Receive points towards several professional certifications, notably the GISP.
  • Social networking events held regionally throughout the year that provides networking opportunities at no cost to FLURISA members.
  • Helps keep the cost of the Regional Conferences low cost to free - FLURISA sponsors several regional GIS conferences annually. Each of the events average 200+ attendees.
  • Networking through the FLURISA LinkedIn group.
  • Opportunity to access at low cost URISA certified workshops through local targeted trainings.
  • Once a member you will receive the FLURISA Newsletter - Three times a year, a newsletter published under the direction of the FLURISA leadership keeps members connected to current GIS news and events in the state.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you need additional information or have questions.  We sincerely hope you will consider FLURISA membership.  

If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to go to www.flurisa.org and click the Join Us tab. Interested in finding out more about Corporate Sponsorship, please click here.

Thank you once again for your support!

Scott Warner
Florida URISA President


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